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    I wish my followers were more interactive….y’all just sit there

    thats cause they waitin on us to slip up so they can unfollow and participate in dragging us until we deactivate. 


    #stay woke

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WEAR GLASSES  ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。


    WEAR GLASSES  ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

  3. onlylolgifs:

    Huge Saint Bernard dog being needy

  4. johnlockhusbands:

    ( ⋂‿⋂’)  Sherlock sits in John’s lap whilst he’s in his mind palace, because he wants him to feel safe and cherished. Whilst he’s busy thinking John wraps his arms around that lil tummy and intertwines their legs whilst he nuzzles the back of his neck with his nose. Carefully placing delicate kisses around the side of his neck and jawline, occasionally breaking the chain of kisses to nibble on those sensitive ears making Sherlock quiver and murmur in pleasure, keeping them both occupied for hours.

  5. ivyblossom:

    Obvious, but: this is especially poignant because they weren’t on speaking terms at the time. I mean John prettied himself up and had been on his way back to Sherlock when he was abducted, but I don’t think Sherlock knew about that. The last words John said to him before this moment appear to have been “Fuck off.” And Sherlock accepted that.

    You may not want me in your life anymore, John Watson, but there’s no way I’m going to let you die.

  6. johnlockhusbands:

     Sherlock Holmes - Military enthuiast
  7. onthelosingside:

    my god i remember watching the face flicking scene the first time and i was completely certain john would be the one to do the killing, you don’t treat john watson like that if you want to live, i mean really

  8. mi-caw-ber:

    Thank you BBC Sherlock also for giving me that much inspiration that I’m still drawing tons and tons of artwork (even if I must admit that I still have difficulties drawing John.)
    For me it’s the perfect way to express my thoughts and feelings of what I think of your show and the characters. Your show inspires me every day.

    Thank you, once more.
    This entry is my 2nd submission for the thankyoubbcsherlock project! ♥

  9. johnlockery:

    Sherlock and John watching a movie together on the sofa and Sherlock wanting to put his legs up on John’s lap but being nervous because he’s not sure how John will react so he keeps glancing at John every two seconds and inching closer and closer until John finally pauses the movie and asks what’s wrong and Sherlock gets super red and mumbles something and John sort of smirks and when he figures out what’s going on, he pulls Sherlock completely onto his lap and they don’t get much movie-viewing done after that uwu

  10. The East Wind takes us all in the end. 

  11. He's my friend. (and the best and wisest man I have ever known and 
    I owe him so much.
    Please: just don't be dead).

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    what an ass