Just reblogging to get the word out again! :)

Hello fellow Cumberfans and Sherlockians!

Atrobel and I had the idea to have a Sherlock Livestream this weekend in honor of BBC!Sherlock’s birthday! Livestream is great because we would all be able to chat while the episode is playing, and it allows 50 people to watch at the same time, I believe.

We were thinking this Saturday, the 5th, at around 4:30 pm EST. So, that would be 9:30 pm for the UK, 3:30 pm Central and so on. :)

I will put up a link on my Tumblr when the time comes, so make sure you’re following me, or track the “Cumberclan” or “BBC Sherlock” tags.

Now there’s just the question of which episodes to play and how many, considering they’re pretty long! Let’s take a vote. Reply, or send me an ask with what you think! Also, how is the time for everyone?

Let’s have some fun and meet some fellow Cumberfans, yeah? :3

EDIT: I was thinking maybe two episodes? My personal favorites are A Study In Pink, and A Scandal in Belgravia.